Solar Hot Water Systems

Everyone can appreciate the benefits of installing a solar hot water system but few know how to select the
right size, what kind of collectors, whether direct or indirect circulation, whether to incorporate an
auxiliary heater and if so, what type of heater… etc.


The questions and decisions go on and on. It is daunting because you don’t have all the facts you need and
are aware that poor decision making will drastically reduce the efficiency of your solar water heater and
that inefficiencies can ruin your chance of reaching satisfactory goals.


What if you did not have to make these decisions on your own? What if a trained, experienced professional would
guide you through the project from start to finish and guarantee your success? We are here to do just that! We
will ask a few simple questions and start showing you options and recommendations to fit your exact need.


When home owners investigate solar hot water systems one of the first questions they run into is whether to use
direct or indirect circulation. Direct circulation moves water directly from the collectors into the home hot
water system. Indirect circulation systems pump an antifreeze transfer fluid through the exterior collectors and
into a transfer unit inside the building. Heat is extracted from the antifreeze fluid to heat the water. Without
expert advice, it is difficult to determine which system to use. About all you can find on the web is that indirect
systems are better for climates that experience a lot of freezing and that direct systems are more efficient. But
what about East Texas? We see freezing temperatures, but seldom see a hard freeze. Which is better for use in
and around Tyler, Texas?


We will help you decide! We will also help you answer dozens of questions about Integral collector-storage passive
systems, Thermosyphon systems, Flat-plate collectors, and Evacuated-tube solar
collectors, and many more. We know what you need based upon what you tell us.


Call us for consultation and installation of your new solar hot water system, 903-266-9103