Renewable Energy Products

Texas Responsible Energy & Efficiency (TREE) of Tyler, TX offers solar and geothermal energy products and services to all of Texas. We offer a variety of renewable energy products for your home and business. Just as importantly, we offer you honest answers. It’s our mission to educate our customers as well as sell our products, and we’ll do our best to match your needs with the product that best fits your geographic setting and budget. We are committed to using American-made products.

Many state and federal tax rebates and incentives are available for renewable energy products. To check, go to

Our solar power system customers are also eligible for a tax credit equal to 26 percent of the cost of residential and nonresidential solar electricity installations. In addition, the federal Investment Tax Credit can be applied against the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Our Renewable Energy Products Include:

Solar Arrays (PV Arrays) for Your Home and Business

TREE is your one-stop shop for information on solar arrays. A PV (photovoltaic) array is a collection of solar modules which collects energy from the sun and directs it to an electrical system. The electric current leaving the array is DC and, in most applications, must be converted into AC through the use of an inverter. A solar array can bring power to your home in the form of clean, renewable energy. Solar batteries can also be charged for times when more electricity is needed than the solar array can produce (such as at night).

Solar Hot Water Systems by SunEarth Inc.

According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, the installation of a solar water heater can save enough in electricity or natural gas to pay for itself in four to eight years. In fact, solar water heating is the most cost-effective way to save money and reduce your annual carbon emissions. Solar hot water systems include storage tanks and solar collectors. TREE sells and designs both passive and active systems.

Solar-Powered Ventilation by Attic Breeze, Made in Texas, Lifetime Warranty

TREE sells attic fans which can help reduce your electric bill by removing hot air from your attic using only solar power. The solar-powered attic fan we offer reduces the air temperature inside your attic to within 5 to 10 degrees above the ambient outside temperature – meaning heat transfer from attic insulation to your living space is significantly reduced. A cooler attic means your AC won’t need to work as hard.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

ICF is an innovative building system that builds stronger, safer, quieter, energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes and structures. It consists of two panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) married with high impact polystyrene inserts used to hold patented webs/spacers. These are designed to secure rebar as needed. Once stacked together, these forms represent a mold ready for concrete placement, similar to a traditionally poured concrete wall

Warranties vary from product to product but most solar water heaters carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. PV electric product warranties range from 10 to 25 years.