Texas Responsible Energy & Efficiency (TREE) offers renewable energy products and services in East Texas. Clean energy — solar, wind, geothermal — is the energy source for the future. And at TREE, we can help you save money and utilize renewable energy sources. We’ll help you pick the system that’s right for you.

Why Renewable Energy?
A renewable energy system such as solar energy uses electric (PV) to convert a free & abundant resource (sunshine) into electricity for the home. Once in place, that system and all the electricity it will produce belong to the owner of the system. Our modules are warranted for production for 25 years, and should continue to produce electricity far beyond that.

Yes, you should! – See the numbers here

Knowledge and integrity. TREE offers a variety of renewable energy products for your home and business. Just as importantly, we offer you honest answers. It’s our mission to educate customers about renewable energy as well as sell our products, and we’ll do our best to match your needs with the product that best fits your geographic setting and budget.

Good news for installers of solar power systems: You are eligible for a tax credit equal to 26 percent of the cost of your system!  The ITC provides a tax credit equal to 26 percent of the system cost of residential and nonresidential solar electricity installations. In addition, the ITC can be applied against the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Our Renewable Energy Products Include:


We are here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services. Whatever your renewable energy needs, we can provide it to you at prices you can afford.

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